Tummy Tamer

Yesterday, I called up my son’s teacher, Teacher Mae, to check up on my son who might have hurt himself when he headbutted me before clambering on the school bus. Instead, I found out that Teacher Mae was at home with her eldest 3 yo — recuperating from food poisoning the night before! I was worried for them both. Teacher Mae still has a baby to take care of too and so I dropped by before lunch to check on them.

They’ve already been to see the doctor but they both weren’t feeling too perked up yet. Bringing food was out of the question as am pretty sure they wouldn’t be allowed to eat full meals yet, so I brought them oils.


Happy Tummy a.k.a. Tummy Tamer is a blend of Peppermint and Digize that you just apply across the tummy area to help ease with one’s digestive issue. I don’t think I’ve talked about Digize here yet so here’s a rundown of what it can help with:


And since both of them weren’t feeling well yet, I thought of Energy Boost might do the trick which is a blend of Peppermint and Lemon. Smells great too! This blend can be applied behind the ears and wrists.


I had an experience of food poisoning over a decade ago and still, I can vividly remember how painful it was and that I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Teacher Mae sent me a message this morning that the oils helped them get through the day! Yay!


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