DIY Hand Sanitizer

The morning after I received my Oily Guru Kit, I was up early and hubby seeing me said in a knowing voice, “Go ahead. I know you want to work on your oils”. Haha!

So I started on something easy — hand sanitizer.


I usually buy from the supermarket and so I was just excited to make my own and find out the ingredients. I mean, I didn’t know it was so easy!

So the ingredients are:

Witch Hazel
Aloe Vera Gel
Distilled Water
Carrier Oil – fractionated coconut oil prefered but I used Jojoba Oil
Essential Oils: Thieves and Lemon
2oz glass spray bottle

Voila! I think I may have used more aloe vera than what is required but it feels wonderful as moisturizer.

Being a mom of 2 active boys, I never go without wet wipes, tissue or hand sanitizer. So this is a definite must have.

Do you have another hand sanitizer recipe? Share so I can try it out too!


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