Oil Spills: Chen’s Must Have Oils

18057208_10210978742478407_3154008040313236235_nThe first time I heard about Young Living, I really had no idea what it was all about. I’ve known about essential oils but associated it with rustic, old ways of healing or treating a malaise. So yes, I kinda dismissed it as soon as I heard about it…until I’ve read posts from my good friend, Chen, on how essential oils have helped her and her family.

Chen is one of my most trusted friends since uni days in the University of the Philippines. We were under the same baccalaureate program, organization, graduated at the same time, and even shared a room when we were both studying (read: cramming) for our board exams in engineering.

I’ve asked her if she could answer some of my questions on essential oils — well, mostly focusing on what’s in her bag.

Tell us a little something about yourself.

Hi, my name is Cheryl, but my friends and family call me Chen. I live in the SF Bay Area, at the heart of the Silicon Valley here in the US. I became a mom after three years of being married, and now have three kids, around three years apart.

What got you into oiling?

More than a year ago, I got fed up with the constant cycle of being unwell week after week after week since school started in 2015. We’ve been seeing a friend post about essential oils and watching her for a year, so naturally, she was my go-to-person when I finally caved in and tried this special plant juice they were all raving about, after much prodding from my husband.


Yep, I was sort of the skeptic between us, as he has been using store bought Peppermint EO to relieve his chronic headaches (it does help, but he needed to apply a lot, and constantly, but he likes that it’s all natural, no side effects, and smells nice). I went ahead and asked, but was not quite sold on the idea, and thought it was a bit expensive. But another month passed by, and we weren’t getting any better, and I was getting more exhausted, not to mention the money we have spent on doctor’s appointments and prescription meds refills. Hubby gently reminded me about essential oils. I thought about it, and decided I’d get ourselves a nice after Christmas present. If anything, it would make our home smell good, I thought.

When did you make the decision to try oiling?

So I ordered the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living the day after Christmas and got our kit on Dec. 29, 2015. We immediately started diffusing Lavender and Tea Tree oil because we wanted our house to smell like a spa. It was one of the most relaxing afternoons we’ve had in a while. Bonus: he loves YL’s Peppermint, and was able to compare it to his old one, and my goodness, the quality is a hundred times better! You can tell even just by sniffing that YL is more potent, and he literally needed a little bit, compared to the amount he uses from his old bottle!

I really didn’t know much about essential oils until towards the end of January/start of February 2016 when I got invited to a “roller-making” night. I reluctantly obliged, but was curious, and so I went. It was so much fun! I didn’t know there were so many fun ways to use these precious oils. And the more I learned about it, the more I realized, they are actually not expensive, but valuable. It’s GREAT value for your money! You can make a lot of things just by using a few drops. Essential oils have slowly replaced items we regularly use, and now still in the process of ditching toxic stuff and replacing with a more natural and healthier alternative. Every essential oil I use is one less toxin in our lives. And such is the start of my oily journey, and we’ve been doing this for a year and a half now.


Chen’s first rollers

What essential oils are your personal favorites?

It varies, and depends on the occasion. As of the moment, if I am by myself, I would only carry with me my personal essentials which are Peppermint, Lavender, Rose, Deep Relief roll-on, and Breath again roll-on. Also, my small bottle of Thieves spray and Thieves Hand Purifier.

I love that Peppermint is all around, it smells great and very uplifting, it keeps me focused, wakes me up when I am driving, and it helps in case I get tummy issues or my head starts to pound. In case of sniffles, I breathe deeply straight from the bottle and it helps clear out my nasal passages. Peppermint vitality tastes great in a glass of water (and helps with freshening my breath too) or in a cup of joe to create my own peppermint mocha. If anything feels off, Peppermint helps soothe any discomfort.

Lavender is also one I always have to have. It is an all-around oil, and if I don’t have anything else, I would turn to this oil in case of any emergency like if I burn or cut my finger or if I just start feeling a wave of overwhelming emotion. A drop of Lavender vitality also tastes great with a tall, cold glass of fresh lemonade!

And I just LOVE Rose as perfume, and I use it  sparingly as it is one of the most precious oils I have in my possession — if not the most expensive one. Thanks to Young Living and their occasional referral-based promotions, I got this bottle for free in December 2016 and I found out how much I love it! It is great for skin and emotional support as well.

I love my Deep Relief roll-on, in case my Peppermint doesn’t quite cut it with the “relief” department, for accidental stiff necks, or head tension. Breath again is also always in my bag to help open up my lungs if I needed additional support in that area.

Thieves hand sanitizer is also a must, especially since I found out how toxic other marketed hand sanitizers are. Try to google “hand sanitizer toxic” to find out why it is bad for us. And in case I forget my hand purifier, I absolutely have to have my Thieves spray in my bag all the time to clean ALL. THE. THINGS. Germs are everywhere, on door handles, table surfaces, and especially in public restrooms, so a spritz of this and not only does it smell great and freshens up the area, but it actually kills all the yuckiness. There are actually studies and experiments found all over the Internet, and I plan to conduct my own Petri dish test soon.


For a mom of three, what oils should you always have when you’re out with the kids?

Now on a regular day when I am with my kids and we are out and about, these are the usual items I have in my bag, and I put them all in a neat little purse:

  • Deep Relief roll-on
  • Breathe Again roll-on
  • Tranquil roll-on – great for calming fussy kids, or helps in giving them the push they need to not fight naps while on long trips
  • Smile or Happy roller – if I need a little pick me up, especially if having a rough and tough day
  • Calm roller – because I need all the calm I can get with these little critters, LOL
  • Thieves spray
  • Seedlings baby wipes (in a re-sealable bag) – wipe snotty faces and sticky hands the non-toxic way, smells great too
  • Mineral Sunscreen – finally a sunscreen that is safe from nanoparticles and other toxic chemicals
  • Insect Repellent in a roller – DEET free and toxin-free, especially if we are outdoors
  • DIY first aid spray (optional) – in case of cuts and scrapes
  • Owie – for cuts and scrapes
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Thieves
  • Digize – sometimes I opt out of this and just stick with Peppermint
  • A 5ml roller of just plain carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil) – this is great to have on hand in case I need dilution for the kiddos, or if I encounter a friend who needs support from oils right away, I can just easily add a few drops and hand it over

So there you go. It seems like such a long list but it really all fits in a small pouch.


P.S. I also asked Chen where she got her pouch! Pouch is by Needle Bean Designs. Awesome!




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