DIY Week

Last week ain’t so good with a debacle in the office. My fault entirely and so I threw myself into some DIY projects to get a positive flow going.

Here are some of the projects I did.

After getting to visit Dai Quang Minh in District 5 here in Ho Chi Minh City, I set out to do some bracelets.


Got quite confused in the market with the enormity of the materials that I didn’t get to really check em all out. I made this rosary bracelet for my husband below sans the cross. I have to source a cross.


Took this photo and realized that the number of beads is unbalanced. Not sure if there is numerology connected with beads but balance is something I always aim for.


Found lots of awesome lava beads for kids and so I made my boys some. When I checked today, my eldest son’s bracelet still smelled of Stress Away. My youngest? Well, he lost his bracelet the very next day in school. Le sigh.


I decided to use the newly delivered Epsom Salt and Aloe Vera Gel. So I made foot soak salts and a hand sanitizer. Gave these as gifts for friends at our lunch get together last week.


Another friend was curious about the use of essential oils in massage oils so I made her one with Peppermint, Stress Away, and Grapeseed Oil. I added the Grapefruit EO after additional research. šŸ˜€


Then yesterday, since our printer now has ink (haha!), I decided to make lip balms. Yeah, they now have some decent labels unlike last time.


Anybody want to buy? Haha!


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