Sneezy and Bitchy

I hate allergic rhinitis. I’ve had it all my life and I am sick of it. Literally and figuratively.

Mid last year, I bought myself a Himalayan Salt Lamp which claimed could reduce allergies. I had a bad bout of allergic rhinitis that year and I had the lamp on almost all week and I feel it helped.

Then this year, I got into essential oils and whenever I would have a sneezing fit or runny nose, I just whip out my roller blend of Copaiba, Peppermint, Lemon, and Lavender.

Copaiba Info

Peppermint Info


Lavender Info

So far this has been working for me. I apply behind my neck, temples, and nose bridge.

Aside from this blend, I also apply Immune Support for good measure along my spine. I should but under my feet too but yah know. šŸ˜›

Third, I also amp on my Vitamin C intake, so that’s 3 or more Life Oil caps for me.

Lastly, I also diffuse Thieves and Lemon. Oily friend, Ging, told me that Frankincense can help too. So I’ll be adding that to the mix later.

Well, if all these fail, I’ve got my antihistamine in my kit. When that happens, it just means it’s a full blown ailment which of course we should address.

But am keeping my fingers crossed that this four hit combo does the work before I really get sick.

How about you? What works for you?


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